I started my journey into the mind and its workings with the South African Institute of Hypnotism(SAIH) and finished my journey with the South African Modern Hypnosis Academy (SAMHA) where I found an approach to Hypnosis that I resonated with deeply. I qualified through SAMHA as an advanced practitioner and researcher.

After completing my basic counselling skills through LifeLine counselling as I thought this is a great addition for any Hypnosis practitioner to have, I widened my scope by including a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) certification from Achology.

During my past 13 year journey with this extremely valuable modality, I have worked with a wide range of different cultures and demographics to assist them with finding their own internal locus of control, which is crucial to us all in my humble opinion. I have seen amazing results from the use of the power of the subconscious mind with various people, from Discovery project managers to stay at home moms, from big business owners to local celebrities and even a former head of state. This opened up my desire to connect people to the part of themselves that they have forgotten and there is no better modality to achieve this with, than Hypnosis, in my experience.

In the variety of things I have had the privilege of doing, one of them was working as a Counselor in a remedial school. Liaising between the parents and their children has equipped me with working with the adult, parent and child triad within a grown up’s mental processes, in a very effective way. The experience that came with working with these kids was invaluable and it confirmed, for me, the importance of any Hypnotherapist to work with children. I love empowering them through the use of this great tool!

I believe the mind and body needs to work together so my other interest is Chinese Martial Arts which I have been practicing for about 26 years. I am a partner in a Fitness facility and also teach and train there. This gave me great insight into the mind/body connection.

I have enjoyed and hosted numerous workshops on Stress Management, Hypnosis and the Rules of the Mind, Fitness and Martial arts skills and Empowering Children, as well as assisting Sales Teams to find their balance.

The combination of these only made me realize how much there is to still learn and share surrounding this thing we call life. I enjoy sharing this knowledge and teaching people how to use their master healer, which is the mind.