The Dark Side of Hypnotherapy

I asked her if she had ever experienced hypnosis before. She said it made her feel uncomfortable. I asked her why it made her feel uncomfortable and she explained what the ‘therapist’ told her:

“He told me to take off my top and cover myself with a towel before lying down on the massage bed. He proceeded to massage me, he said that this will help induce a deeper state of trance. It made me feel very uncomfortable”

There it was right there, the dark side of our industry.

Now, some would argue that she could have said no and that she is a grown woman who should know better, but who really knows better when it comes to a hypnotherapy session? Definitely not the first time client who may already be a bit apprehensive toward the use of hypnosis.  It think it can be analogous to a child killing someone with a gun because the child did not have any info on how a gun works and what it actually can do. To say that the child should have known better, is ludicrous. From what I could gather from the info she provided, it seems like this ‘therapist’ gained her trust in the first session and then this incident took place in the second session. Of course the third never happened.

From the stories I have heard from leaders in the field, this is not uncommon abuse of an authoritative figure’s power. It happens in the industry. This occurrence does not just stain the hypnotherapeutic world, but across all disciplines we will find those with less than good intentions. It is important to acknowledge this without judgement.

Hypnosis works! There are many studies that one can Google that sides with the use of hypnosis. There are also many that says hypnosis is ineffective and one study even claims that hypnosis does not exist. If you are reading this then I have enough faith that you have sufficient computer literacy skills to search for these studies yourself. Hypnosis does not work for everyone. Neither is hypnosis the magical epitome of a therapeutic process. It requires a bigger understanding of life and the interaction of life to apply tools. Hypnosis is no different.

There seems to be a misconception that, because we are in a therapeutic modality, it means that only this therapeutic modality is valid. It is a necessity for anyone who uses hypnosis as a therapeutic tool, to be absolutely 100% committed to their craft. This does not mean that we should negate or even belittle other therapists and their methods. The ego can be a tricky companion to have and makes a terrible master, but we need this ego to promote ourselves and our belief in hypnosis.

Without our absolute conviction in what we do, we are already planting a seed of doubt in the ability or our amazing tool to grow and flourish amongst the thousands of people who need it.

So what do we say to ‘therapists’ who abuse their position?  Do we give them the cold shoulder?  

Do we name and shame them?  Do we go on a vendetta against all who may bring the modality into disrepute? No, we inform the public and hone our skills to perfection. We apply these skills with empathy and professionalism.

These ingredients should negate the dark side of the industry and eventually give very little breathing space to those that would think to use their skills for ominous purposes.

Infidelity of the Creator

Who created us? Why were we created? Were we created or are we just specks of dust hanging around a cloud of energy of thought? Are we still being created? Did we create ourselves? Who created the creator?

Who knows?

A creation, gives indication of a creator, or at least in our logical minds, it seems to make sense. The more we expand our minds outward, the more lost we can seem to feel. If there is a creator, why is this creator only available for certain people and why do they feel that only they are in this creator’s favor? Does this mean that the creator is loyal?

Religions seem to think that if we are loyal to the creator, then the creator will be loyal to us. Again, this tit for tat judgment of our own individualistic perceptions of what we think a creator should be, does not suffice if we ask questions. If the creator created us to question things then we are allowed to question. So when we keep expanding our questions, then we never really find an answer. We find glimpses of eternity and particles of reality, but we never seem to find a solid definite truth.

We can Google as much as we want and read as much as we want and ask as much as we want, but never will there be a solid definite answer for our creator questions. This lead people to say that it is impossible to know the creator and that if such a thing exists, then it is above our understanding and we should just follow blindly because this creator works in mysterious ways. When someone acknowledges that they have the answers and that they act on behalf of this creator, then it seems a totally redundant for the need of a creator that allows this person to be the creator’s ambassador.


Wow, what a mouthful!

If this extremely existential part of us only tries and reasons with the physical faculties that are available to it, then we are left without a whole other part of reasoning altogether. Whether we are believers in a creator or none whatsoever, the rational part of us must still stand in awe of this amazing place that we find ourselves in. For most of us it is never really important to know who created the things that we use in our lives, from shoes to clothes to houses and cars etc. We just need to use them for what they were designed. What were we designed for?

We were designed for a myriad of things, if all of the human population were to disappear in an instant, well then, the world would carry on and nature would carry on and the sun will still rise and the wind will still blow…you get the point. The creator obviously was not very loyal when we were created, for without us, things will carry on. But wait! Things that we take care of will die, crumble and turn to dust…

It happens anyway. Our illusion of control destroys our freedom for creative gratitude. May we find that part of us that enjoys this incarnation to its fullest and know that our other part is the free observer that knows no loyalty or judgement, it just is.

Therein lies the creator we all seem to seek if we choose to create those thoughts for ourselves.

Which trees would you destroy?

Imagine walking on a narrow dusty path with nothing surrounding you but dirt and dust as far as your eyes can see. Every now and again on this dusty path, there is a hill that you can go over. You do not know what lies beyond the next hill but your expectation rises that somehow the scenery might change. As you start your descend of the fourth hill, your positivity starts to wane.

It seems that you are destined to look at sand and dirt and walk this dusty path forever. Ascending the next hill, you walk it slowly because you know that the chances are good that much more of the same is awaiting you on the other side of the hill. As you reach the top, you stop in awe. The scenery in front of you changes drastically. The dusty path leading down the hill is not dusty anymore. It is now filled with different sized pebbles, ranging from white to light brown in colour.

Surrounding the pebble path is lush green grass that smells so fresh that your nostrils cannot breathe in enough of it. As you walk the pebble paved path, you realize that as far as the eyes can see there are flowers spreading out like a colourful blanket. The mixture of smells is invigorating and you feel your steps becoming easier because you have something to enjoy as you stroll along. You are looking forward to the next hill, no matter how steep it is, because you know that this scenery is a sight for sore eyes. Your enthusiasm to see what is beyond the next hill is rewarded greatly. As you stand on the green hilltop with a backdrop of colourful flowers, you witness myriads of trees. Big to small, short to tall. Some with leaves so bright green that they seem to glow and others with leaves so small, they hardly seem real at all. You marvel at the different colours of their barks. You find the amazing shapes that the trees represent, remarkable. You walk your variegated pebble stoned path with ease as you gaze at the wonders of all this natural beauty. All of a sudden, from deep within your mind, a strong voice starts talking to you.

You stop suddenly, listening intently on what it is saying. To your surprise it asks you a question, a very disturbing question. “Which one of these trees would you like to survive?”, the voice asks.

Thinking you are nuts for talking to your inner voice, you answer it anyway. “I want all of them to survive” you think in response. “They are all going to disappear and you have to choose one”. “I do not want to choose one”, you reply. As you wait for the voice to reply, you see that one of the beautiful trees with the very small leaves that seem surreal, starts to discolor. The leaves start turning an autumn yellow and slowly shrivels to become completely black spots on the edge of the branches.

The branches start to make a horrible cracking sound as they start to dry out and fade out of your view and your existence. “What the hell was that?” you think. The voice in your head snickers: “If you do not choose, I will choose for you!”. Immediately all the trees with a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, starts disappearing in the same manner as the little tree you just witnessed. The horrific scene in front of you makes your insides feel like they are being pulled apart.

Your heart and emotions shut off as a form of protection against the dread you feel looking at this serene scene being morphed into oblivion. Finally, there is only one type of tree left. Shocked, you witness as the scene in front of you. The scene that went from the miraculous to the mundane…

I wonder how many of us will choose to destroy all the different types of trees in this little scenario so that just one can survive? I bet that most of us who appreciates life and all that the natural world has to offer, will not even think about this for a second. We would like to have all the trees of different shapes, colors and sizes to flourish. We know that we do not judge the trees, but rather, we appreciate the variety they bring. We do not say this one is too big or this one is too small. We do not say that this tree deserves to die and that one deserves to live. So why in the world would we do that to people on this planet? Why decide that a certain color of skin is now worse or better than any other.


May we find balance in the variety of humans that walk this earth and understanding in nature’s lessons.

Introduce yourself

When anger says hello, introduce yourself with, I am peace.

When depression calls, answer with, I am divine experience.

When sadness shows up, embrace it with, I am understanding.

When loneliness manifests, observe it with, I am connected.

When doubt arrives too soon, acknowledge it with, I am enough.

When lust leads you astray, guide it back with, I am controlled desire.

Finally, when Love emits its light onto you, awaken with, I AM THAT!




Walking this earth with entitlement at the helm.
Manifesting desires without worrying about the consequences in the unseen realm.

The realm where actions taken, caused ceaseless strife.
This strife manifesting over every aspect that we call life.

To their opinions they are entitled, but they struggle to leave ego at the door.
Feeling that their only purpose is to feed this ego more and more.

Ignorant about what the senses do not reveal, they reneged on the newborn baby’s deal.
The very first breath taken, that was when this being started to awaken.

Awakening to each and every experience, sense and lesson.
Why is it that some have grown older but failed to embrace ascension?

Ascending the fact that we will not last,
on the day of our parting, will we be happy with our past?

So think and then think some more,
life does definitely not keep score.

What do you think you own?


Entitled to every experience until our final breath,
how many of these will we take with us, after death?


Within the living you will always find the dying.

When laughter fills up the silence, and you listen well, you will hear the crying.

Within the deepest darkest corners of the mind, a light, if you seek, you will find.

Sight exists everywhere in every kind, even within those that are blind.

Inside those that are brave and strong, search deep and you will find that’s where their fear and weakness also belong.

The masculine man with power and success, in his dualistic nature you will find his inner woman in distress.


Grown ups working as if they know what to do, can you see the child that just wants to be accepted through and through?

For the Abused, Betrayed and the Fallen.


Futile faith that someday this dirt will wash away. Wishing, hoping that just maybe today will be the day.

The day that the winds of change blow us to peace and joy, unfortunately the objective of this feeling is to destroy.

Destroy the well-being of our inner sanctum, our essence and life, we fight against this merciless enemy manifesting this superpower called strife.

Breath by suffocating breath, we fade into the darkness closing in, no light in sight we succumb to the helplessness that this memory brings.

We ask it to go away, leave us alone, don’t bother us in any way. This fruitless effort makes the feeling seem stronger and from the bliss path, lead us astray.

Defeated, pulverized, no energy left, who can assist, who can justify this theft?

This theft of a part of us that was pure and true. This part of us that was strong, vibrant and knew exactly what to do.

This essence now seems lost. How will we find it again and what will be the cost?

We start with our thoughts and take back those that were stolen, we are still here, so that means that we were not completely broken.

We are still breathing, thinking, moving human beings, our pro-life attitude will evaporate all those negative feelings.

When this dark power comes back and wants to let our spark die, we will face it with wisdom, knowledge and grace, so that we can strengthen our “claiming our power” phase.

We will greet this feeling with gracious gratitude and then let it be, for the part of us that cannot ever be touched by anything that exists in humanity, will bless us eternally.

So, for now let this feeling be there, making sure you just observe it without a care.

When awakening sets in and all of your parts start to converge, you will again start to find yourself and let the beautiful part of you emerge.

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Thank you, but…


Do you ever thank someone for something and then immediately afterwards tell them that they shouldn’t have. Have you ever told someone you love them and then linked the statement with the word but? Here are a few examples:


I love you, but….

Thank you, but you shouldn’t have…

What a nice gift, but it is not necessary…


Have you wondered what you are really programming yourself to do?  If our brain has the capability to change itself and we can put habits into place that will facilitate these changes, then we also need to analyze how we respond to certain events with words. Only about 7% of our communication is verbal, but words do have a great deal of power.


One of the most powerful habits that you can create is a habit of gratitude. Why gratitude? When you are grateful for something there is literally no room for any other negative thing to enter. Want to test it?


Imagine a terrible thirst, one that leaves your mouth so dry that you cannot speak. This thirst is so strong and you know that your body needs water because you are dehydrated. Now, if I were to give you a refreshing, crystal clear glass of water, would you say thank you and then tell me afterwards that I shouldn’t have?


I seriously doubt it. Your whole being will just be grateful for the water.

When a child comes up to you and gives you gift that they especially made for you, are you going to say that it is a nice gift and then tell them it was not necessary?


That will immediately nullify the whole experience for you and the child.



May you respond with your whole being and not just program yourself to react with words that wash away your amazing ability to find gratitude.

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Hypnosis and Religion, what’s the deal?



A woman recently commented on one of my adverts on Facebook: Hypnosis is a no-no as a Christian, STAY AWAY!!! Do your own research… 


The word ‘research’ should not even be in her vocabulary. If she did a bit of research into the subject without prejudice, she would find that across the spectrum of all different religions, people have benefited through the use of Hypnosis and some have not. She may have also realized, being an avid researcher, that according to scientific studies, the brain works with different electrical impulses and the speed of these impulses, determines your cognitive state. That would have led her to the conclusion that she actually goes into a hypnotic state at least twice a day, when she wakes from a deep sleep and when she falls asleep.


The brain frequencies goes through the same ranges that are used in Hypnosis. So, apparently, as a Christian, or whatever excuse you want to use to break down a subject that you only comment on because of your belief, should stay away from sleep. It reminds me of the story that people like to use to explain how God sends us help…


The story about the man that fell over a cliff and dangled by a root that stuck out from the mountainside. He yelled for God to save him. He was so certain that God was going to save him that when an abseiler passed him on the way down and offered to help, he declined. When a mountaineer passed him on the way up, the man declined. When a helicopter circled him and they shouted if he needed any help, the man again declined. Hanging from the roots for so long, eventually tired him out and he fell to his death. In heaven, he asked God why he did not save him. God replied that he sent an abseiler, a mountaineer and a helicopter to assist, but the man did not want to accept the help.

There we have it, the ability of the human race to harm others and ourselves by never wanting to look at the bigger picture. What we know, we know and that is fine. The problem comes in when people make a short statement and that statement has got nothing to do with a universal view, but only a narrow focused one. I have now made peace with the fact that some people will find any excuse to cling onto their piece of root that sticks out from the mountainside. The vehicle that help chooses to show up in, will always be denied. In all modalities of healing there are successes and failures. This is true for each and every one.


I have worked with Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Hindus and Jews. In their own respective religions, they also have to deal with the question of whether Hypnosis is right or wrong for them. They also have to tread the waters of uncertainty. The fact is, whether you are religious or not, if you have things that you feel in your heart that you need help with, and you let fear and ignorance keep you away from ANY modality that you may find benefit from, you are already in hell.


You are dangling from your branch on the edge of a cliff. You are negating the fact that there are so many forms of assistance out there. Where did these forms come from? Why would they offer assistance and solutions to your problems?  Because this vast Universe, whether created or evolved, is unfathomable by the human mind. To let that mind be guided by people who claim that they are representing the Creator, if one exists, is not only a slap in the face of all knowledge and wisdom, but a slap in the face of your own abilities to research wide and deep. Do so without prejudice or bias.


I am reminded of the Desiderata poem: You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here.

Avoid anyone telling you that you do not have a right to get assistance with any modality that resonates with you!




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