36 Day Business Leader Activation Program

Activate your business readiness with a comprehensive program

So, you are stuck in your company or business and need to get your mind clear about new ways of thinking and improving productivity, energy and output?

This program offers a step-by-step process to help you achieve new mental skills, balance your perceptions, and connect the dots in your mind whilst learning the proper steps to manifest the ideas you have in mind for your business you have in mind for your business or employees.

Why is this important for people in the business world?

  – Gain clarity of the purpose of your business or business roles

  – Solidify the processes involved surrounding strategies, operations and people

  – Learn to stick to a schedule with desired outcomes to train your mind for execution of strategies

  – Be resilient to the ever-demanding needs of running a business

  – Unlock what you do not know you know for better implementation of your skills and knowledge

  – Improve leadership, communication and delegation skills

  – Build trust and better dynamics for teamwork


The program includes morning and afternoon routines, 14 guided visualizations, 5 live online debriefing sessions(facilitated by me personally), breathwork, daily encouragement, a workbook for journaling and progress tracking, and access to Q&A via a WhatsApp/Email/Phone.

Previous participants have reported tremendous benefits from all four pillars of the program: Relational, Physical, Financial, and Mental. They’ve also reported that the program is manageable and highly recommended to others.

The program has led to significant awakenings for participants, including gaining perspective on the four pillars of life, realizing the importance of integrating mind and business, and improving relationships and networking skills by practicing introspection surrounding the purpose of Entrepreneurship.

Overall, this program is a comprehensive approach to focusing your attention, realizing your business and incubating you as the business leader in your own Entrepreneurship story.

Give yourself a realistic advantage in the realm of business.


Gaining perspective of all four pillars in my life. Each pillar’s activity allowed me to gain deeper perspective and understanding of how it influences our lives.

For my relationships to grow and bloom, I need to practice understanding and consideration for other people in my life. 

Ek het besef dat ek nie genoeg selfliefde het nie

The fact that I can sit still for 5 minutes and how to improve my relationship with other people

There is a much bigger realm than the world we live in, I also learnt how to take a step back from every situation and have a look from another point of view.

Thank you! It was a fun and engaging challenge. I will definitely revisit and revise each pillar again in the future. I found it very resourceful.

Dit het my geleer om meer na myself te kyk en beter te kommunikeer oor wat ek in die lewe wil hê.

The journaling will act as a mental anchor and help to keep my mind clear and focused on my projects and process.

I would recommend this program to anyone but would suggest to take the time and do the work – you can only benefit yourself from this experience.