Why are speaking engagements a good thing?


The best way would be to explain it with a short (1minute) Video


Have a look at the video on the left to gain a better idea.


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Where children are being punished for breaking the rules. What if it could be a better environment where they could learn about rules, how to manage themselves and gain balance without and within.


Would this not serve a better purpose? Have a look at what it is all about.


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It is totally free, but space is limited. Sessions usually last about 30 – 45min and is done via an online webinar platform. To receive the link for these sessions and to ask your own questions, you need to be in the WhatsApp group.

This is not a WhatsApp chat group and is purely used for questions and links to the sessions on the day of the session(Usually on a Wednesday evening from 19:00(SAST)

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