With this reality it seems that destruction takes preference over creation. Think about it. When we build something or create a masterpiece, what is the easier part?

Building or breaking down?

Creating a work of art or destroying it?

Everything around us is much easier to destroy than to build. When we get injured, it is instant, but how long does it take to heal? When we are prepared for life, it takes 9 months for us just to start off in a physical body. How quickly can that fragile body be destroyed?

So, why is it that destruction is so much easier to accomplish?  

If an infinite intelligence designed this universe and being all knowing, still made creation such a delicate process, that can easily be destroyed, what was the purpose of this?  We all should feel, at a certain time in our lives, that there is something wrong with the design of life.

This design has baffled, and is still baffling those who dare to think about the bigger picture. We are birthed from a source that has no beginning and no end and that is not touched by time, yet from this origin we are trapped in a cage with limited freedom and ongoing struggle!  

Our consciousness still lingers after our physical departure, but we cannot remember those times when our consciousness was active in this eternal peaceful realm. If we could, then all of the destruction and perceived loss that occurs in this physical realm may be insignificant.

We will then never have the chance to learn the only thing that we can from this anomaly in the physical reality – GRATITUDE.  

When we are grateful for the effort and time it takes for something that has been created, then it makes perfect sense as to what the purpose of this destruction/creation relationship is.

May the smallest particle of awareness receive our gratitude each and every day for as long as we breathe