“Security is mostly a superstition; it does not exist in nature”

~ Hellen Keller

How many of us make decisions based on this thing that we call security?

Do we engage in a relationship because we feel safe with that person and trust them with our emotions?

Do we aim for a specific career because it will bring with it a perceived financial security?

What about health?

How many things to we do to ensure that our physical body stays “secure” and functional? Do we join a specific religion to ensure that we have spiritual security and a secure afterlife?

This is quite a thing to think about if we think that security is mostly a superstition. What is security?

According to the online Google dictionary, it is defined as:

“The state of being free from danger or threat”

Okay, so when someone says that they do not feel that they have security or that their peace of mind will be there once they have security, it means that they want to be free from danger or threat in that specific area. I wonder how many people would have made decisions in their life differently if they came to the awareness that fear drives the decisions they make before they made those decisions?

Do we dare to follow our paths with a natural trust and instinct. Can we surrender to this divine instinct and let go so that it can guide us on our path with loving patience?

I believe there is such a way of living life. This way of living life stems from the part of us that can be silent amidst the chaos. This part of us has no attachment to time, possessions or even feelings.  

When we attain an inner knowing and wake up to the possibilities that lie inside of us, we will have the answers that we want for our individual lives.  May all of us make our decisions from our innermost being and not our outermost fears.