Reverence: Feel deep respect or admiration for something

Revere things? If all of this is one big temporary illusion then what is the point? We get advice on how life should be, and what it should not be. Advice from professionals, family or just good friends can sometimes help and sometimes not.

From a spiritual point of view, all of these still happen within this illusion. That means that even the advice that people give, even if it works, still works within an illusion. So, what is it that we are meant to do in this illusion?  

I did not understand why we should be born into this world to find our ultimate source if we come from this ultimate source in the first place, until I read these three statements on human experience. It summed it up rather nicely:


  1. There is an infinite changeless reality beneath the world of change
  1. This same reality lies at the core of every human personality
  1. The purpose of life is to discover this reality experientially; that is, to realize our ultimate source while here on earth.

The purpose of life is to discover this source. Okay, we have to discover this source while we manifest from this source?

Sounds a bit silly, but makes better sense if we start to think about it. Let us imagine there is a perfect place, a place where not even the vibrations of words can affect our peace. Where the peace of a 1000 meadows runs through our veins and where the body is in such a perfect state that we experience every breath of oxygen as a surge of life force that sustains our being. Now, we are born into this place by the mere thought of sharing love and experiences with one another. Would we even begin to appreciate this setting if we were to grow up in it?  

I doubt it.

We need this duality to push us up into another thought pattern almost like two pillars need to support the structure above it. The only times when I have glimpsed this space above this duality was when I experienced a reverence for the tiniest being. This being is usually insignificant in the eyes of the everyday world, so being revered is not a comm on practice for this. Look at something today that no one else cares about, whether an ant, bug, or a blade of grass. Understanding that it has the same underlying infinite reality as all of us, will shift the boundaries of perception.

Peace be with us.