When we behold the entirety of the universe and all the connections that take place daily, we can only but stand in awe.  This complex organism that we call life, is undeniably infinite. Where does it end? Where does it start? Our universe centers, for most of us, around our own needs and perceptions. When these are met and we feel comfortable within ourselves, then what does it matter what happens to the rest of the world?

With a multitude of information flowing our way through friends, media, and physical experiences, do we even begin to understand the divine intelligence that surrounds us?  

We have a way of living that keeps us safe, we fit into this box and resonate with others who also fit into this box of understanding. What do we do with others who do not fit into our box or even acknowledges that we are right?  

We judge them, scold them, and try and convert them into our way of doing things. Arrogance abounds within this human race of ours and when we feel we are wronged in any way, we need forgiveness. We can forgive someone, or we need to ask forgiveness from someone.  

We need to forgive ourselves for certain things and then we cannot forgive certain behaviors at all.  So, we live with a grudge.  

In the vastness of eternity, this seems a little redundant.  Why do we need to forgive?  So that we can feel better?  Who is it that needs to feel better?

Only the ego.

The part of us that thrives on accomplishments, understanding and raising us on a pedestal for others to see. This part can be so deceiving. What happens to our eternal universe when we decide to not forgive and just accept that it is part of our journey to be disappointed, threatened, let down and betrayed by other people in this play?  What happens to this eternity when we do forgive and receive forgiveness?


Like anything, we need to experience it first to let it go. Forgiveness is no different.  Let us thank those that made the sacrifices to go through so much trouble to teach us forgiveness and then we can let the experience go with all of the wisdom intact. Once we have done this and they still choose to live outside of our box, then so be it. We can respect their decision.

May we surrender to our own life flow and have the sensitivity to pick up which way it is carrying us.