There is a great poem that was written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer which is called the Invitation. In this poem there is a line that has a very profound meaning for those who decide to follow their passions.  This line sums up what needs to be done for us to find peace and move closer to what our purpose is:

“I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself”

Can we have the courage to stand up for our beliefs without wanting to force down those beliefs on other people?

When there is a voice inside of us that speaks so magnificently that time seems to stand still, can we listen to it?  

Do we deny this voice and let the logical egoistic mind lead us away from it?  

We all have influences from our family, friends, lovers and colleagues. If someone has finally found inner peace and they are following their own truth with patience and perseverance, then they will not want to impose their beliefs on you. They would not have to, because being in their presence will surely have an effect on our whole being.

The drawback of this is that if we do not know our own truths, then we will gladly accept theirs and follow them blindly and hang on every word they say or every action they perform.  I wonder what religion would look like if all of us just focused on the compassion part that most of the religions seem to preach.

So many fears are born of judgement and what is expected from our societal structures. These fears destroy our passions and let us just live a mediocre life.  When we can walk in our truth and listen to our inner voice, then, even if this voice wants us to be a cleaner in the streets, it will be more magnificent than being a false king who is on the throne as a result of the expectations of others.

May our passions start to shine through our connection to the Divine!