The world did not end like it is supposed to every year end, neither did the continuous cycle of life.

So, what happened?

Foolishness, that is what happened. Are we as a species with our supposedly superior intellect so certain that life and our planet will end according to predictions made based upon a thing we call time?

No calendar was divinely inspired for the divine knows no time. How can we then perceive things like the end of the world to be true when it is based on a calendar? Nothing in nature cares whether it is a Monday or a Wednesday. So, why do we?

This is an intriguing example of the illusion that we tie ourselves to.


We do not have enough of it, we always need more of it and when is runs out, according to our perception, we feel that we have lost something that we will never get back.  What is chasing us?

May it be the idea that we only have one life to live and therefore everything we do we need to do as soon as possible before we die?  Not one of us can ever be 100% certain when the time of death will arrive, or can we?  

With the divine intelligence that guides the universe and penetrates the 10 000 things as it is referred to by Lao Tzu, we may need to understand that timelessness does exist within our broader field of vision.

Time distortion is a common occurrence in hypnosis.  

That does not mean that we lengthen a minute to be 70 seconds or an hour to be 90 minutes, it just means that we alter our perception of time. We all have had those moments when we feel on top of the world and we are enjoying an experience so much that time seems to fly.  Then we have those moments that seem like eternity is captured in a single minute and we are stuck in this minute forever.

Emotionally driven timeslots during our incarnation can make Hell seem pleasant and Heaven feel like boiling quicksand.  Our perception creates our reality and to widen our perception is a right that all of us should allow ourselves to have. May our perception broaden the horizons of doubt that leads us down a path of destruction and open our lights to connect to truth.