It is a prominent thing in our society to feel that we need to have a label for what is happening to us. Is it so uncommon to hear that he has Cancer, she has Down Syndrome, my child suffers from ADHD, his children are both Autistic, I have Asthma, my mother has Arthritis, my grandpa suffers from Dementia?

An absolute truth is that these are real experiences with real negative effects and most of the time these effects are quite devastating. Astonishing as it might be, there may be another way of looking at these events. Fact is, I often wonder what type of spirit these labels invoke and which fears are fed by accepting these labels as something concrete?

That puts a whole new perspective on things. I try to analyze the world from a spiritual perspective, but this can be daunting and almost make a person feel totally apathetic to the happenings around us. Love can also seemingly start to fade in these analytical moments. You and I have the capacity to see things from a spiritual vantage point. Very few people will want to walk that path.

Much of what we have been taught to believe, receives a new perspective if we see all of life as a part time play in eternity. And, speaking of eternity, I am referring to a belief that nothing ever ends and that God is infinite. In this non-ending cycle, these people with all of these labels, will come and go.

This is when their loved ones will face emotional challenges.  Time will have us see those closest to us transform to play another role in the eternal cycle of life and death. That is undeniable. We will also end up swapping the finite for the infinite, eventually. Have you ever thought of it in that way?

Had I accepted these thoughts when I was younger, many emotional demons would have been laid to rest. Together with an elevated sense of peace, this outlook on life can also be an asset to our growth as a species. I believe that we like to interfere with things that should occur naturally mainly because we perceive loss to be a real threat.

Still, even our intention to interfere has its place. Like it or not, this universe is perfectly balanced.

“To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower” as William Blake so eloquently put it, is something we must strive to do. Look at every event and label a bit differently.

Into these things we can all dwell but not get stuck there. Your intent should be to stand on the shoulders of giants but not get stuck in their shadows. Beautiful as the world may be, we can never negate the fact that there is a darker side to it.

Eyes that see only one side of this duality makes us ignorant and stubborn. Happy are the ones that see beyond the dualities of life.  Anniversary after anniversary of the first breaking dawn, may we look at life as perfectly balanced and remember that no matter what we are labelled as, it too shall pass.