Walking comfortably through the silent night on the paved sidewalk back towards his house, Tim abruptly halted and looked at the strange scene in front of him.

The street lamps lit the area very well and a person could easily see what was happening all around the neighborhood.

James, his friend and neighbor, was crawling frantically along the sidewalk looking around for something.

“What happened?” asked Tim urgently.

Looking up as if a ghost just appeared, James replied “I lost my car keys and I need them urgently.” Without hesitation, Tim started assisting James with his search…

He looked in between cracks shaped like lightning on the sidewalk, he looked all along the curb in front of his neighbor’s house, he even looked across the street although it seemed impossible that keys could travel so far.

Frustration building at not succeeding to find what he was looking for, Tim asked James whereabouts he thought he lost his keys. “I lost them somewhere in the house” he answered in a nonchalant kind of way.  “What!?! Why the hell are we looking out here then?” came a stunned reply.  

James casually answered: “There is more light out here…”

This is very interesting and funny to think about, but in the light of the lesson of our well-being it makes perfect sense. How many times do we place our happiness in other people’s hands?

How many times do we go against our own feelings to please the social standard, to appease a higher power, to be accepted or to adhere to rules that goes against our grain?

How many of us make decisions based on our faith, rather than our feelings and reason?

Especially if that faith is based on fear of judgment from a being outside of us. I am not referring to making decisions based on the foundations of an emotional upset, for example, when we are angry or hurt. These are not the feelings I am referring to; I am referring to that knowing part of us that resonates with a truth that in our quietest of moments is undeniable!

I have come to realize that in faith of something outside of us, there can never be love. Our origins from spirit are all the same. It means that somewhere there was an anomaly planted in us during our formation process that entered us into this world. When we come from perfection, was built by perfection, and manifested in this perfection, where does this imperfection arise from and why do we need to look outside of us to try a remedy it?

May we all stop looking for our keys outside of our houses and start the search from within where we lost them in the first place.