So, here arrives a being on earth. They are born from a mother and father or via artificial insemination. These children are planned or not, loved or not (although it may seem strange that parents cannot love their children, it happens).

This little being arrives on this earth totally relying on the assistance of other human beings for its survival. This is all very daunting when we think about it.

Will it be healthy, wealthy and loved?

Will it be hated, despised, tainted by the darkness of life?

Will it outlive its parents as is expected, or will the parents outlive the child?

Will it travel?

Will it be straight, gay, lesbian or find it better to live as a recluse, renouncing society and material things?

We can ask literally thousands of questions, and this is just a taste of what is in store for a child on a physical and emotional level. What about on a spiritual level and eternity?

HOLY CRAP! That too??

Yes, that too.

There seems to be a misconception about what truth is.

Do we know?

You hear some people say that they have found ‘the’ truth, rather than stating the fact that they have found ‘a’ truth. Is the truth for a child living in poverty with no clue as to where the next meal is going to come from, the same as a child in a household where regular meals are supplied like clockwork?  

What about the child who gets physically and emotionally abused compared to the child who is adored, loved and encouraged by its parents?

Will their truths be the same?

If we cannot even answer the questions related to the child’s physical and emotional future, how are we to even begin scratching the surface of the unseen spiritual journey that this being has to go through?

I have seen and experienced amazing things with children when you tap into their truth, and that truth is usually just the moment that they interact with you, no more, no less. Being in the present is a common cliché, but there is so much value in it.

Here is a case study to clarify:

A 9-year-old autistic boy with blue sparkling eyes, was feeling very sad and down. Some of his teachers were worried about the fact that he has imaginary friends and that he talks about them as if they are real. He seemed to be distracted from his school work and this was a no-no for the current education system.

What will become of this child if he gets distracted from his compulsory work by something that ‘does not exist’?

I write the last part in inverted commas because to that child they do exist.

So, he was sent to me to see if we could do something about it.  There I was, looking at this soft-spoken sensitive young boy and he was looking back at me with a bit of fear and apprehension.

What to do?  

How do you communicate with this young boy to find out what is bothering him?  

I turned his attention to his ‘imaginary friends’. Luckily, he had a drawing of them, and it was an easy starting point for the conversation. I soon started to follow my intuition and asked him to describe his friends to me. The one was a Lion and this Lion looked a bit funny. I pointed out the funny part of the Lion, which happened to be his head, and this little boy started to giggle. I pursued this path and together we came up with funny names to describe this funny looking Lion’s head. Eventually this little boy was red in the face, rolling on the ground with laughter.

I was enjoying hearing him laugh as much as he was enjoying letting it out. He always looked so serious and solemn. This was a new side to him. I spent every moment of a 40-minute session with him in his present state of mind and in his interactions with his ‘imaginary friends’. After the session, he went back to class and a day or two later I received a question from the teacher.

“What did you do to the boy?”

I thought I messed up and just asked with a smile, “Why?”. She said that he was so happy and listening in class, concentrating on his work and above all, smiling.

What did I do?  

I spent time with him in his world on his terms and in his truth, not desiring to share my truths with him and not judging his truth. That seemed to make all the difference!  So, why not try it sometime?

You may just find a part of you that can also exist within a moment of truth. A moment of truth may be all that there is in a world filled with truth for children.