You were you and therefore you were perfect. You had your weaknesses and your blessings and for a moment in time you even had your peace. While eternity was blinking an eye, we were friends. Not friends who socially interacted much, neither did we spend a lot of time together. Our conversations were mundane and always short, but they were laced with non-judgement and a hidden truth.

The truth that so few of us dare witness. We were ethereal brothers, as you filled that part of me that needed to be thankful for the things I have and for the life I live, I filled that part of you that needed unconditional truth with a direct reminder that you are strong. Your sensitive disposition made us understand each other without the need to verbally express it. As a sensitive friend with a gentle heart, I will remember you. I will remember your predictable mannerisms with a fondness in my heart. I will remember your smile when it seemed to say to the rest of the world that all is actually perfect as it is.

In your seclusion from the world, I will hold your truth. Wherever this change has taken you, I know you will be fine. Your desperate need to find love and your discovery of it will remain a fond lesson that I will keep close. I know that rest has found you and that peace is with you. We that stay behind will never know that peace until our time comes, but when it does, then that is where we will be seeing each other again. Rest well old friend.