Oh Death you beautiful thing, the freedom of your embrace makes me doubt the living.

Your dark seduction that seems so bleak, entices me to take a sneak peek.

Those who have tasted the freedom of your embrace, will forever shun this physical rat race.

The freedom that you offer can never be equaled, not even by the world’s riches can you be rivalled.

But, for the ones who step through your door, there lies a peace forever more.

These are not the ones that look upon you as the end, it is the ones who stay behind that finds it difficult to mend.

They see what they see and experience fades away, so they keep on living day by day.

Trapped in your shadow, they forget you are there. Always willing to wipe away anything they hold dear.

You deserve respect and recognition always, for who knows when are the end of their days.

I acknowledge your presence and heed your call, but why not reveal the truth of your fall?

In an eternal cycle that seem to never end, are you really just like a road with a bend?

Will you be there at the exact moment in time?

What will happen when the poet has written his last rhyme?

Do you fill the gaps when things are unresolved, or do we return from our journey until we have evolved?

The mystery that surrounds you makes one thing ring true, we cannot succumb and give in to you.

When the lessons are learnt and the final breath extinguish the flesh, will we have the freedom to choose our next path?

To fulfil our destiny and walk in our truth, will that make us stay on in your eternal bliss bath?

Who knows where to find the answers to these, when everyone just do as they please?

But, one thing is for certain, all of us will experience the drop of the final curtain…