“Future, yucky. Past, yucky. In this present moment, wow. Now is the One”

– Ram Dass

What is discipline but the molding of our beings into something that we resonate with?  Is this morph possible without discipline?

Highly unlikely.

Any teacher has students but it seems that to become a disciple of the teacher, one needs to have a lot of discipline and commitment. Naturally then, to become a teacher of love, one needs to become a disciple of love. Love, the indescribable feeling that sources life from its mere presence.

When it embraces us for just a little while, everything seems perfect. There is no judgement, there is no time, there is no space and there certainly is no separation evident in the universe. Then, after a while, it fades and we are drawn back into this realm of judgement, time and space. We start to feel separated from our very existence again.

Is this just the natural part of our being?  

Do we roller-coaster ride through our time here and that is that?
We all come from the same source and that source is immovable, unshakable and definitely not affected by the fluctuations of this reality. There are those that touched this essence and that encounter has filled them with a state of being that is a non-fluctuating awareness that we are all connected through our source.

They seem to be in a constant state of childish bliss. Their awe for the planet and their surroundings resemble that of a child that sees something awesome for the first time, yet they exude the confidence and wisdom of a sage.

If we are all from the same source, then surely that means that we can touch this source too.

Where do we look for it?

We came from the source, so it means that just like most rivers have a spring as their origin, we need to travel into ourselves to find our spring. We so easily give our ability to do this away to people we think know best, yet they would not assume they know best if they were connected to their source which belongs to us all.

Unfortunately this journey is hard and it takes discipline and commitment. We can listen to all the music we want, but we are very rarely capable of making our own. May we find the strength to create our own music waves that lead us back to our source.