Every one of us on this planet goes through pain. Whether it is emotional, physical or even spiritual pain, it happens. Sometimes these feelings are so intense that we would rather accept the temptation of death than to face the fury of our own suffering.

What if we accepted one fact? We will suffer.

We will be put down by people, we will experience pain through our physical encasements and we will be disappointed in events, people and ourselves. We will banish peaceful thoughts and replace them with worry, selfishness and apathy. We will feel like the whole world can implode and everyone that we know can disappear from the face of the earth. We have to remember that experiences and feelings like these are not permanent.

We will feel peace and have a glimpse of love. We will feel perfection in creation and resonate with our little place holder in the vast eternal palace of the cosmos. We will, sometimes, experience genuine appreciation for things in our lives. We have to remember that experiences and feelings like these are also not permanent.

So, what is permanent? What can we really rely on during this existence?

There is that part of us that is not bound by time and space.  That part of us that once touched, will change our existence forever.  This spirit is above whatever we do and in whatever we do not do. What leads us to finding this part of us, is suffering.  When we suffer, we get caught up in a defensive mode and want to retaliate or we want to run and hide and get as far away as possible from this suffering. When we hide or attack this suffering, we miss a valuable point.  

We miss that this suffering is also a part of us and we need to hold it and converse with it like we would hold and converse with a loved one after an argument. When we have this conversation without our ego interfering, then we can gain wisdom from that which supposedly brings us harm.  

When we can achieve this state we will see that what harms us actually heals us.

Every one of us has our own divine story, we should just take the time to read it.

May we all find this place and transcend the chaos that we think we are in.