Ego said: “You are mine and I want you, you should not leave, even though you want to.”
Love said: “I only embrace you and cannot own you, wherever you go I will follow and be true to you.”

Ego said: “You are hurting me and I am angry at you for all that you choose to do.”
Love said: “It is ok to hurt and experience anger, but that is not who I am and what I would choose for you”.

Ego asked: “What would other people think and how can you betray everyone with what you have done?”.
Love replied: “How other people choose to react, they do it all on their own, betrayal of the self is all for which you should atone”.

Ego stated: “I am suffering and I am going to be all alone”.
Love acknowledged: “Suffering will always lead you back to me, learn from the experience so that you can have a glimpse of your true home.”

Ego shouted: “I am afraid and I do not feel safe, you are to blame and I hate you and your ways!”
Love whispered: “Fear is a fallacy, safety can never have a solid attribute, real wisdom, safety and understanding lies only within genuine gratitude. I will love and understand you now and always, you are my Ego and you have your ways. You can be my partner and within a society help me take my place, but remember that I will not lose face and thus give you space to interfere with the all loving and unconditional place.”

Ego whispered: “Thank you.”
Love whispered back: “Thank me through awakening”