Walking this earth with entitlement at the helm.
Manifesting desires without worrying about the consequences in the unseen realm.
The realm where actions taken, caused ceaseless strife.
This strife manifesting over every aspect that we call life.
To their opinions they are entitled, but they struggle to leave ego at the door.
Feeling that their only purpose is to feed this ego more and more.
Ignorant about what the senses do not reveal, they reneged on the newborn baby’s deal.
The very first breath taken, that was when this being started to awaken.
Awakening to each and every experience, sense and lesson.
Why is it that some have grown older but failed to embrace ascension?
Ascending the fact that we will not last,
on the day of our parting, will we be happy with our past?
So think and then think some more,
life does definitely not keep score.

What do you think you own?

Entitled to every experience until our final breath,
how many of these will we take with us, after death?