“Inch by inch, life’s a cinch, yard by yard, life is hard”

Greeting me like an indescribable enigmatic entity, the mountain stood in front of me. Looking up at its pure magnanimity made my head rush! Although using a word that describes a great mind does not seem apt in describing a mountain, it certainly describes it well. Magnanimity means that a mind refuses to be petty and is willing to face dangers. Looking at these awesome mountains, I could not help feeling that nothing that it faces on a daily basis could ever be labelled as dangerous. If there is a more noble purpose than just the sheer overwhelming presence to dissipate our own fears and fuel our understanding, then I still have to find one.

These mountains taught me a valuable thing. The mountain of life works the same. We all walk a narrow path, every now and again, we have to stop and take in the awe of life or the overwhelming journey that lies ahead. Sometimes we get tired and sometimes it feels like we want to give up. Other times we feel completely lost in the multi-directional pathways that life throw at us. The path may be slippery, rocky and sometimes smooth. We will ascend and eventually have to descend, we will be challenged and need to overcome some fears and obstacles.

Step by step and pace by pace eventually leads us to the top, but as duality requires, we will have to come down again. One thing remains a truth, the mountain with all its splendor and beauty is with us every step of the way. We are never far from it.

May we all find our mountain and let it annul our self-doubt and enhance our understanding.