Live in the dark? No! Live in the light!

We try to avoid pain with all our might.

Supposed experts say, stay positive, things will change.

The reality is actually quite strange.

We grasp for knowledge of how to be, what to eat, how to live.

Science, logic and intelligence lead us to our conclusions, where we think we know what advice to give.

Fact is fact, a lie a lie, yet we are all still going to die.

Fantasizing about life with only the positive in mind, makes us weak and spiritually blind.

Our ego gets strengthened by gaining knowledge of that and knowledge of this.

Seldom do we trade our knowledge for understanding and bliss, making us feel there is something amiss.

Murderer and savior, torturer and healer, rapist and protector, liar and saint.

Within all of us, if we seek deep enough, we will with these become acquaint.

All the human traits live in all of us, so let us not create such a big fuss.

Feeding our feeble, fading, fallible fantasy, will not create harmony on earth for you and me.

Comprehending and ascending this duality is all that this reality was ever meant to be.