Ascending the slippery slope to salvation, preached in every corner of every nation.

This illusory route for the just and the fair, causes the masses to only have confusion and despair.

We get pushed by talkers that talk the talk, yet we rarely see any of them who has walked the walk.

Eagerly listening and giving away our power, no more darkness as dawn starts rising during this final hour.

To kill heaven means to conquer hell.

To conquer hell means to let it within you dwell.

To preach from a book that you know well, where in all of this is your own experience, please do tell?

Your ego starts to grow and swell, this is one event that can never be saved by the bell.

To kill hell means to conquer heaven, it must rise within you, your unconditional thoughts are the leaven.

The light and the dark are always both our brethren.

To kill both heaven and hell, will cause the final spiritual awakening to bell.