Who created us? Why were we created? Were we created or are we just specks of dust hanging around a cloud of energy of thought? Are we still being created? Did we create ourselves? Who created the creator?

Who knows?

A creation, gives indication of a creator, or at least in our logical minds, it seems to make sense. The more we expand our minds outward, the more lost we can seem to feel. If there is a creator, why is this creator only available for certain people and why do they feel that only they are in this creator’s favor? Does this mean that the creator is loyal? Religions seem to think that if we are loyal to the creator, then the creator will be loyal to us.

Again, this tit for tat judgment of our own individualistic perceptions of what we think a creator should be, does not suffice if we ask questions. If the creator created us to question things then we are allowed to question. So when we keep expanding our questions, then we never really find an answer. We find glimpses of eternity and particles of reality, but we never seem to find a solid definite truth.

We can Google as much as we want and read as much as we want and ask as much as we want, but never will there be a solid definite answer for our creator questions. This lead people to say that it is impossible to know the creator and that if such a thing exists, then it is above our understanding and we should just follow blindly because this creator works in mysterious ways. When someone acknowledges that they have the answers and that they act on behalf of this creator, then it seems a totally redundant for the need of a creator that allows this person to be the creator’s ambassador.

Wow, what a mouthful!

If this extremely existential part of us only tries and reasons with the physical faculties that are available to it, then we are left without a whole other part of reasoning altogether. Whether we are believers in a creator or none whatsoever, the rational part of us must still stand in awe of this amazing place that we find ourselves in.

For most of us it is never really important to know who created the things that we use in our lives, from shoes to clothes to houses and cars etc. We just need to use them for what they were designed. What were we designed for?

We were designed for a myriad of things, if all of the human population were to disappear in an instant, well then, the world would carry on and nature would carry on and the sun will still rise and the wind will still blow…you get the point.

The creator obviously was not very loyal when we were created, for without us, things will carry on.

But wait!

Things that we take care of will die, crumble and turn to dust…

It happens anyway.

Our illusion of control destroys our freedom for creative gratitude.

May we find that part of us that enjoys this incarnation to its fullest and know that our other part is the free observer that knows no loyalty or judgement, it just is. Therein lies the creator we all seem to seek if we choose to create those thoughts for ourselves.