If I had to choose between intellectual knowledge and felt wisdom, I would choose the latter.

This dawned on me a short time ago and I was wondering where I have forsaken wisdom because I was being true to others. The only thing that comes to mind is religion. I have always felt that something was missing in religion, especially the one that I was brought up in.


Standing in the awe of an eternal, never-ending presence that I am a part of, I cannot now or ever believe again that God had just one son. If that is true, then I know of mere mortal men that have more power than God:)

My beliefs morphed into something amazing with all the teachers that have crossed my path.

There will be many more, I am sure, but the ones that influenced me, I am truly grateful for. My new belief does not require that I have to defend it or force it down on others, nor does it mean that I have to judge other beliefs and criticize them for not accepting mine.

Instead of becoming the fish in the water, going with the school, following the flow of the water, I have become the rock at the bottom, firm in its place and experiencing the water flowing all around and through it.

Through this observation a new lesson has entered, the rock and the fish and the water, are all one. What a nice feeling and what a freedom that underlies our very existence.

May I learn to love and resonate love out to this world, so that others can experience the timelessness and unity of this river of life.