When we meditate, pray or even just ponder deeply, do we try and disconnect from our senses to reach a part of us that lies hidden from them?

After reading a very interesting book called Siddharta, written by Hermann Hesse, it made sense that we should incorporate our senses as allies and not try and silence them as troublemakers. I resonated deeply with the main character in the book with the same name as the book title.

Basically, he comes to the conclusion that we should live every moment in this world and stop seeing it as an illusion or an obstacle to spiritual growth.  It is giving us spiritual growth at every single moment.  

Through controlling the senses and walking in silence, we can observe every moment as divine! This is not an easy task but glimpsing at the magnificence in each moment, feeling the awareness that arises from being totally present with all our senses and emotions intact, makes achieving this state of mind, very worthwhile.

Allowing the presence of our Universal source to enter through our senses and then letting the eternal love that flows from the internal part of us connect to eternity and engage with this outer reality, is indescribable!

There are so many beings that wanted to spread this message through various teachings, only one word comes to mind when I read through their works, Namaste!

May we all strive to walk along these truths. As the great teacher Kahlil Gibran said: Say not, ‘I have found the truth’ – rather say, ‘I found a truth’