I often wonder what earth will be like if humans were completely honest with each other?

What would businesses, schools, hospitals and even churches be like?

In The four agreements by Migel Angel Ruiz, the first one he states is “be impeccable with your word”. Amongst the many truths that he shares, he writes that we should avoid using the word to speak against ourselves or gossip over others.

WOW! How would life be if we could achieve that?

So many times I find myself falling into the first one, using the word to speak against myself and as for the second, well, gossip sometimes find its way into any conversation. What would we talk about if we did not gossip?

Would our parties and formal functions be the same?

I think not!

Can we use our words to build up other people?

Is it wise to always tell the truth?

I think the most important thing is to be true to ourselves and find out about our own truths. It serves humanity when we walk in our truth and play our part on this stage of life with the rest of the cast around us. If we know our role and stay in it, then we give others the chance to shine as well.

There will always be those that will want to adjust our truths to fit theirs, even if they have no intention of doing it, they will.

This is all good and well if they are 100% honest in their truth, and if it is their part in this play to portray the deceiver, then let them deceive.

Through them we can learn, through them we can grow and through them we can learn the ultimate experience gratitude!