It seems that there is an underlying current through different schools of thought that things come in 3’s.  A positive, negative and neutral state. This has significant consequences for our emotional and spiritual development if we start applying these laws to ourselves.

When a positron and electron annihilate each other, they turn into gamma ray photons, these are chargeless, timeless and spaceless.  That means that nothing of what we perceive with our senses matter to them. So, the positive and negative has to be equilibrated in order to achieve a state of pure bliss.

In cosmology, the basic premise is that the Universe started from one singular point which contains infinite possibilities. If we move further away from this point of singularity, then we are also faced with all of creation in its positive and negative states.

In Yogic theory the three Gunas exist, and the point to reach is always Sattva(preservation state) between Rajas(creation) and Tamas(destruction). If we relate Rajas to positive and Tamas to negative then we also have here a positive and negative state that needs to annihilate each other to be preserved.

In Chinese philosophy, a point similar to the singularity point in cosmology, exists and is known as Wuji. This point divides into Yin and Yang or simply put, positive and negative.

What are these trying to teach us?  

It seems that when we have two polarities and we can embrace them both, then something magical happens. Let us use an example: Our thoughts literally can be negative or positive. This means they do have a certain charge to them. So what would happen if we embrace them both? If we allow the negative and the positive thoughts to collide and result in opening a new possibility for our being, what would happen then?

If all of these schools of thought, from a very basic viewpoint, teaches us that there is a natural balance that occurs to achieve a state of peace, then how do we go about doing it?

Coming back to our thoughts – When we have a negative experience, we tend to remember only that part, the negative part, same goes for a positive experience. In both of these one of the other must exist, or else there will be no balance and we will achieve no state of peace.

So, if we search for the negative in the positive and the positive in the negative, we will find it and nullify our judgement over the situation. Can this be so simple? YES, if we allow ourselves to break through the lower vibrational frequencies of one-sidedness.

Whether we do it in trance, meditation, prayer or just intense moments of silence, it does have an equalizing effect.