On our everyday journey from the moment we awake, do we even think of dying that day?

I know that some of us wish we would die, but seriously, what would happen then?

Do we die?

Does a part of us survive after death?

Even amongst scientists, this issue seems to be debatable. And there has been lots of scientific research into the matter! The reality still is true, our physical body does deteriorate and then dies. No one gets off this planet alive, at least not in the physical sense!

Death owns every day and everything that we do in our day, it is a fascinating thought.

Our possessions, time, people in our lives, pets, thoughts, emotions, aches and pains…everything is the property of death, because when it comes, it takes all of these away.

So, is it wise to embrace death each morning and fly on this angel’s wings during the course of our day?

Experiencing everything to the full and living each moment? I think it can bring a lot of peace to us if we can move through the day in the truth of death and the light of love eternal. Would this give us the freedom to be true to ourselves and others? What would we spend our time on? Who will it be spent with?

These things start to crystallize when we embrace the angel of death and walk in truth.