A great teacher and friend to me, once stated, “A thought is only a memory or a desire”.

This was perplexing, but the longer I thought about it the more it made sense. When we think of something, it always falls into one of these two categories. Our thoughts usually dwell on the past.

When we talk about something, it is something we remembered(memory) or it is something we are going to do or wish to do(desire).

This becomes an interesting exercise when we really test it. OK, so what happens when we think about fantasy worlds, places that do not exist?

Yup, desire!

There must be a part of us that desires a place like that. What about false memories? This is an interesting and very debatable point. If we take the normal mechanistic approach to life, then these false memories will most definitely be some sign of psychosis.

If we approach it from a more spiritual point of view, then these false memories may be from past lives or even from spiritual attachments. Whether or not we believe in these things, there are those that have proven them without the support or challenges of what we believe, but back to the thoughts…

If it is true that our thoughts create our reality, then our reality that is constantly being created, is only a memory, which means our reality repeats itself, or a desire, which means we yearn for something that is not part of our reality.

What a mind-boggling thought!

This could explain why we struggle to find peace and stability in this life! The here and now that so many people and groups speak and preach about, must have some logic to it. If we can let go of our memories and our desires, and thus our thoughts, who will we be?

The moment we realize we have no past and no “burden” to carry, then at this exact moment whilst reading these words, we are absolutely free. Free from then, there, this and that. Once we have tasted only a minimal part of this state we cannot look at life the same as before.

As we move around in these bodies that we have, we are moving forward, most of the time. We do not move backwards and as we turn our heads, we cannot, without turning our whole bodies, look behind us. When we have done that, then we move forward again.

So, what does it mean to move forward? The irony of it all is that we are moving through eternity, and eternity has no forward or backward.

Think about what you think about and then when it all makes sense, you know you are on the wrong path. Welcome to the wonderful world of the now!

Enjoy the present:)