May you awaken to the understanding that life’s force delivered you to the parents you chose.

May these parents understand, you come through them, but originated from source.

May they guide your spirit and not try to own it.

May you walk your path with grace, and let love emanate from your eyes.
May you find your eternal soul and keep it as an everlasting friend.
May your spiritual growth not cease when the physical growth is complete.

May you be connected to the eternal love, so that you can enjoy this world with fresh eyes every day.
May your health, wealth and happiness only be perceived as temporary passings.
May you ground yourself with a strong spirit as these come and go.

May the fellow travelers in your cycle of life, interact with you as a very special being.
May you show them respect and open their eyes to what they are really seeing.

May life’s challenges, disappointments and fears, not shield your internal vision from the eternal peace and pervading stillness.

May you breathe with your soul, listen with your heart and move with your spirit.
May your physical vessel keep you enthralled with experiencing this life.
May you accept death as only one exhalation of eternity, the inhalation will follow.

May the dawning of your soul shed light on our collective whole.