“To be wronged is nothing unless you choose to remember it”

     – Confucius

We all experience anger, some people might have a fleeting sensation and then it is gone, others can carry it with them for a lifetime. So, why do we get angry? The best explanation and one that makes sense to me is: we get angry because someone else is not moving around on this planet according to our value system. Makes sense…

Whenever we feel anger, it is because some person or situation does not resonate with our belief system. If there are those of us that value life more than anything and along comes somebody with no respect for it, and kills something, we get angry.

If someone challenges our beliefs and pushes our boundaries, then we feel like we could annihilate them. What would happen if we detached ourselves from this type of situation by saying, this body is experiencing anger?

What would happen then?

Is it possible to see anger as a sort of teacher? Can the person (who we perceived as causing the anger) be a teacher in some way? Not as easy as it sounds, but possible. The biggest challenge lies with those we love, strangely enough. We expect them to know and understand our boundaries immediately and of course always support our belief system, right?

Only in a fantastical illusion! Everyone that passes by us on every occasion lives in this duality, and being a part of it, they must have both positive and negative traits. The people close to us are no exception.

How many of us are willing to face our anger and have a discussion with it? Surely if we have to learn something from it, we need to communicate with it? This can be a very rewarding experience if we find the time to play with it. Some will say that these are just silly fantasy games and that our imagination cannot possibly do that.

Without the imagination of people with a vision, I would not be able to type this and you would not be able to read it…simple as that.

Top sports people use visualization for increasing focus and performance, business people need it to apply it to their vision, children are experts at it and people have used it to heal!  So, why can we not use it with our emotions and what they are trying to tell us?

We can, and we should.  

Living life oblivious to the entities of magnificence that we are, is no longer appropriate.

May life start to unfold the realization of what we can achieve and may our anger find its resting place in an unconditional heart.