Every quantum particle I behold,
Vibrates with a love quite bold.
Your being unto me is everything I see,
So let me start this humble prayer for
You, from me:

Worldly vibrations and mere vocabulary,
Will never describe Your true superiority.
Vocal reverberation of glory and power,
These egoistic claims make my soul sour.

I request Your presence with wisdom, knowledge,
love, peace and grace.

Let it fill me from the core
and let me feel Your unconditional embrace.
Abolish my illusionary sin, let love win.

Feed Your presence to me through all that I touch,
negating all fears, doubts and such.
Gratefully grant me the ability to behold,
for spiritual eyes are worth more than the worlds’ weight in gold.

May I be an instrument of Yours undeniably and
forever bless me with your unity.


With the advent of a roller-coaster ride of consciousness, this prayer will remain a truth. We are all connected to our source, always. Sometimes when we walk through the hell of separation, we feel lost and infinitesimally small. We seem to love spending time there! Nothing we do from this vantage point feels worthwhile, it drains us. We ask questions like:

What is the point of all of this?

Why are we here?

What do we live for?

All these questions seem to haunt us.

Then, the other side of the coin!

When we experience this connectedness to our source and we do something that resonates with us, we have no concept of time or space or even an ounce of negativity about the action we are busy with. 

The fearful and negative questions do not even exist in that perfect connectedness of our body, mind and spirit!

Will it be worthwhile to spend an eternity in that state?

How do we achieve it if it is worthwhile?


We will never always be in that state, we can however, change our perception during the times that we do lose ourselves in this illusion! We can perceive it as we perceive our breath, inhalation and exhalation does not occur simultaneously. These are a necessary continuation of opposites for the foundation of life.

May we always return to our connection with our source!