The open information highway that we can access today is something of a miracle.  We can search for whatever info we want and anytime we want it, we can get it.  Impatience and ingratitude might be a side product of this “wanting it now” attitude, but we also should see the positive.  

We can decide on who we want our teachers to be in a certain area of life. When we choose to learn something new and want to know more about the subject, we can research it quite effectively.

Then it comes to spiritual matters, and I am not talking about the average churchgoer who just wants to feel better and get some reward after death, or please the heritage of their family lineage or dogma. I am talking about a teacher who has had the direct experience of eternity and emanates unconditional love from their entire being.

Who exists, that are like that?  

I think if we have the courage to search and long for such a being to interact with us, then we will be able to find one. Do we need someone who can perform miracles such as healing or manifest things from nothing?  

Not really, everywhere we look, there a miracle is happening. If we accept the notion that we need to remember where we come from, then what we perceive all around us can only be seen as a miracle. Let us take a simple thought: “imagine constructing the planet that we live on”.

This in itself has had many brilliant inquisitive minds tear through the foundations of knowledge to get an answer. It remains a mystery and as such we should respect all creation as a mystery, worthy of our awe and not our judgement.

Does this mean that we are also worthy of unconditional love and no judgement?

 Of course, as Max Ehrmann stated in his brilliant poem: “You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here”

May we find teachers who walk in the truth of their love unconditional and share with us what we need to know…