The time of New Year’s resolutions are upon us! Why is it that people still cling to this type of thing?


A hope that a new year will clean the old one, will bring better opportunities, new experiences, and most of all, peace.

New Year’s resolutions do not lead to peace!

How many people do you know stick to their resolutions?

If your thoughts and actions are not aligned, then it is nearly impossible to move through time with a peaceful demeanour. It is very difficult to stick to actions and words that are in complete harmony with modern life interfering in so many ways.

Difficult, not impossible…

Here are three things that you can do to facilitate a peaceful transition into a new year:


  1. Review your Year instead of focussing on the new one.

It is important not to disregard the past year. When you just focus on the new year and want this one to be over, you are not facilitating growth. Review your past year and focus on the highlights. Carry the feeling over into the new year and tell yourself you want more of this for the coming year and focus on the actions that you need to take to get there.

  1. Adjust your mind to a more timeless realm.

Depending your time zone, there will be people who celebrate a new year before or after you. If you feel the pressure of time and achievement, adjust your thinking and question what a new year really means. What would it mean to someone drifting in space? What does it mean to the planets and stars and galaxies outside our own? Your infinite self can bring peace in a finite moment.

  1. Become thankful and feel deserving of the things that you would like the new year to bring.

Instead of making a resolution which gets you stuck in determinism and hence control, rather focus on what you feel deserving of and what would you be thankful for. Do you deserve a more peaceful life, and can you thank yourself for being aware of which stressors you need to let go in order to achieve it?

These three steps will assist with a more peaceful transition into the new year! May you approach the coming year with the strength that is inside you!