Do you ever thank someone for something and then immediately afterwards tell them that they shouldn’t have. Have you ever told someone you love them and then linked the statement with the word but? Here are a few examples:

I love you, but….

Thank you, but you shouldn’t have…

What a nice gift, but it is not necessary…

Have you wondered what you are really programming yourself to do?  If our brain has the capability to change itself and we can put habits into place that will facilitate these changes, then we also need to analyze how we respond to certain events with words. Only about 7% of our communication is verbal, but words do have a great deal of power.

One of the most powerful habits that you can create is a habit of gratitude. Why gratitude? When you are grateful for something there is literally no room for any other negative thing to enter. Want to test it?

Imagine a terrible thirst, one that leaves your mouth so dry that you cannot speak. This thirst is so strong and you know that your body needs water because you are dehydrated. Now, if I were to give you a refreshing, crystal clear glass of water, would you say thank you and then tell me afterwards that I shouldn’t have?

I seriously doubt it. Your whole being will just be grateful for the water.

When a child comes up to you and gives you gift that they especially made for you, are you going to say that it is a nice gift and then tell them it was not necessary?

That will immediately nullify the whole experience for you and the child.

May you respond with your whole being and not just program yourself to react with words that wash away your amazing ability to find gratitude.